Cryptocurrency designed to be used. Cryptocurrency designed for everyone.

Private Payments, Simplified

Easy wallet recovery

Securely recover your transactions if you lose your phone without trusting a provider with your private keys.

Fast transactions

Most transactions complete in less than ten seconds, so payments happen instantly. Like payments should.


The entire ledger is opaque, individual transactions are cryptographically protected, and the network uses forward-secrecy.

User-friendly, and planet-friendly

Easy to use security at scale, without the massive electrical waste.

MobileCoin is designed for you. Combining privacy, security, and distributed trust with a great user experience.

We want to see a crypto-currency that is deployable anywhere, and that can be used everywhere.


Joshua Goldbard

Joshua is a mobile and telecommunications expert who enjoys human narratives in information systems. He has a decade of experience developing, managing and implementing networks of significant complexity for AT&T and others.

Shane Glynn

Shane is a lawyer with a passion for adrenaline and logical consistency. With a background in telecommunications and mobile devices, Shane delights in understanding novel problems in relation to the law and imbibes the current state of cryptocurrency regulation with zeal.


Moxie Marlinspike

Moxie is a cryptographer with a passion for secure communications and is the founder of Signal.

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